Airloop and H2S Services

Our Air Loop and H2S Safety Services division provides H2S/Air loop services, equipment, and personnel to the petroleum industry for onshore and offshore drilling, production, and workover rigs and barges. Our H2S/Air Loop engineers and consultants are our most important assets. They are experts in their field who are always ready to discuss client-specific needs and provide timely solutions.


Our service center in Abu Dhabi, UAE is manned by trained technicians who respond promptly and professionally to all service jobs. The service center prepares and assembles new air loop packages and sends them to the appropriate location. It provides storage, preventive maintenance, and repair of standby packages. We also carry an extensive range of spare parts to provide complete backup for our service contracts and after-sales support.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Sales, rental, and calibration of Gas detection Equipment
  • Sales and rental of breathing apparatuses
  • Safety consultants.
  • Field and classroom training.
  • Cylinder Hydro test services.
  • Breathing Apparatus electronic performance testing.


H2S Safety is a division of Flame Source which specializes in breathing air systems, gas detection systems, breathing air compressors, and high pressure storage modules. H2S Safety’s scope of supply includes sale, rental, service, design, supervision, training, and consulting in the following areas:

  • Breathing Air Systems available for sale and rental include: SCBA, SABA, EEBD, Containerized Cascade systems, BA Trolleys, Cascade Trailers, Fixed and Movable Hangers for EEBD, Confined space ventilation.
  • Gas Detection Systems available for sale, rental and calibration include: Personal gas monitors, portable multi gas detectors, transportable area monitors, explosion-proof transportable gas detectors, portable wireless gas detectors, fixed wireless gas detection systems, fixed-wired gas detection systems, and sampling pump and analyzer tubes.
  • Breathing Air Compressors available for sale, rental, and repair include: Electric, diesel, and petrol-driven compressors, portable and fixed, open frame and super silent.
  • “Breathing air systems include : Rental and sales of Breathing Apparatus : SCBA , SABA , EEBD , Containerized Cascade systems ,BA Trolleys , Cascade Trailers , Fixed and Movable Hangers for EEBD , Confined space ventilation .
  • High Pressure Storage Modules are available for sale, rental, and individual design. These are high pressure containerized or skidded storage systems consisting of high pressure (up to 350 Bar) cylinders with high water capacity (45 to 250 Liters each) with a total storage of up to 2000 Liters.

View a listing of our quality H2S products here