Software Equipments
Navigation and Survey Software
QPS Quinsy

QINSY is a suite of hydrographic applications that covers that whole range of activities, from data acquisition to chart production.

Whether it is for dredging, multibeam bathymetry, oceanographic research, site surveys, rig moves, marine construction support, pipeline/cable lay or ROV inspection, QINSy offers efficiency and reliability.

Increasing flexibility by being able to interface any sensor, whether this is a GPS receiver, tide gauge, single or multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar system.

Processing Survey Software
CODA Octopus Geo Survey Suite

Coda GeoSurvey Productivity Suite integrates the tasks of analysing, tagging and mosaicing complex data sets - thereby ensuring faster and more precise results.

With Coda GeoSurvey running on multiple workstations with remote networked data storage, high volumes of geophysical data can be managed and processed quickly, maximising productivity.